Developing Metal Solutions With Innovative Technologies


We utilize the latest testing and modeling techniques to achieve optimum results.

Innovation - Manufacturing and Panel Assembly

CellTech engineers have developed customized joining systems with methods unique to only CellTech. These creative joining methods reduce material and manufacturing costs to the OEM, while improving the aesthetics of the wall, floor or ceiling systems. We also work with our customers to deliver panel solutions creating manufacturing and assembly efficiencies within their factories.

Panel Customization

Once we have determined the material requirements for the best panel properties, we then customize the design for optimized customer panel performance. Our customized panel technologies deliver floor and wall systems that incorporate track cargo systems unique to only CellTech panels designs.

CellTech Metals

Panel Materials

CellTech core can be bonded to any face sheet creating the optimized panel for industry applications. Unlike honeycomb materials, CellTech panel have no closed cells, providing bi-directional air-flow/fluid passage eliminating the concern of internal panel corrosion.

Product and Testing

Puncture/Dent Tests

CellTech sandwich panel materials are tested for dent and puncture resistance to meet the application’s requirements. We work with our customers to select the type, gauge, and coating of the face sheet materials and then optimize the sandwich thickness to ensure we have a finished product that meets or exceeds expectations.

Compression Tests

CellTech engineers use extensive modeling techniques and tools to optimize the metal type, gauge, and sandwich thickness to ensure we meet the customer’s compression specifications. Our sandwich panel materials are then thoroughly tested for compressive strength to meet the application’s requirements

Bending Tests

CellTech sandwich panel materials are tested using both a 3 and 4-point bending test. Each panel is designed to exceed the maximum the mechanical bending requirements for the customer’s application with the optimal weight and product cost. Our engineers can optimize this bending performance by selecting the most efficient materials used to make the required panel.

Peel Test

CellTech sandwich panel materials are uniquely developed with a bi-directional core design similar to an egg carton, laminated between two face sheets. Our layers are bonded together using a proprietary aerospace-grade adhesive and tested to meet or exceed peel strengths across a wide temperature range.