CellTech Creates Weight Savings

Not your average sandwich panel material – CellTech panels incorporate a structural metal core which provides unique strength and stiffness. The core layer may be expanded for the most demanding applications without adding much mass or weight to the sandwich. Fully recyclable lightweight sandwich metal panel construction is the ideal material for your industrial application. The possibilities to meet most challenging technical and economic requirements are unlimited.

Trailer, Truck Body, and Transportation

Engineers in the truck trailer and truck body industry make use of CellTech Metal’s lightweight sandwich structure for a variety of applications including sidewalls, doors, roofs or floors – our technology saves several hundred pounds on a standard trailer or truck body, while increasing its strength and stiffness.


CellTech Metals

Container Housing and Construction

Our lightweight stiff panel design provides a unique structural eliminate for the construction housing industry. Furthermore, we can customize and tailor the design to provide distinctive outcomes for the designer or end user.


CellTech Metals


Lightweight, strong, fully recyclable customized metal sandwich panels are perfect for elevator car floors, walls, ceilings and doors. They can be coated, painted, or textured for your application, saving weight, saving energy, saving money.


Industry Applications Opportunity

CellTech offers all-metal sandwich panels for floor, roof/ceiling and wall applications. Because of their structural integrity, cross members can be reduced or eliminated. For example, in a truck trailer roof application, our panel can replace all roof arches along with the thin aluminum sheet to minimize damage during loading and unloading, resulting in increased trailer availability.

Customized savings for various industry applications.

  • Wall Systems

  • Roof Systems

  • Floor Systems

  • Track Systems